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Is it really necessary to own your own flat?

From Evernote:

Is it really necessary to own your own flat?

Hong Kong is a small place. To own a flat is never easy. Let say a young man has got HK$20,000 (US$2500)a month, if he wishes to buy a flat of HK$4,000,000 (US$513000).  It is almost impossible for him. He has to give up every other wishes, but to work for a down payment first.

The Government of Hong Kong has been encouraging people to own their own flat. It has been a long term policy for the Government to do so. But the real estate keep going up. Buying your own flat is unrealistic.

The Government has got one choice only, that is to beat the market, and hoping to keep the prices lower. But no matter how low the price, it is still not practical to buy a flat.

Why not change the policy?  To rent a flat is almost as good.

In the old times, people had a different thought. If a young man has not a grand wish but to own some estates only, he must be  a weak character without ambition. Why not put all the efforts on what you really wish to do?

And the Government should not build houses to sell, but to rent. the situation would be totally different.

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