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Why is Lu Xun so important?

From Evernote:

Why is Lu Xun so important?

One news in Hong Kong said, Lu is phased out already; as his last piece of literature prose in the Chinese school curriculum had been deleted, and the students could never know who is Lu Xun. Lots of angry voices were against it in the web. However, another news from the official news network the xinhuanet published an article denied the news(big5.xinhuanet.com/gate/big5/news.xinhuanet.com/2013-09/05/c_125323623.htm)(20130905 京華時報 )  . It said, it was one out of several remaining pieces were deleted, not all. And the reason provided were that Lu is too difficult for young students. The message means that it was not a political action to delete Lu, while actually several more important pieces were already disappeared years ago, including the "The positive biography of Ah Q".

Lu is a writer died long ago at 1935. Why he is so important?

Yes, Lu is important not because he was the friend of Mao, and not because he was the only writer who could stand against attacks during the Cultural Revolution, but the works he had produced and the facts of how  influential he was.

He was the main opposition of the Confucian thoughts.    He thought the most important thing for China was to cure the Chinese spirit, as the Chinese spirit was sick, and the cause of the sickness was Confucius. In his work, "The Dairy of a Mad Man", he said, the Chinese history itself was a book full of the the facts of "Confucian doctrines eating people".  And he created Ah Q the image of Chinese people under the influence of Confucius. Up until now, whenever the name of Ah Q was mentioned, people will be alerted of the common weakness of the Chinese people.

Will there be any "Common weakness" in the Chinese spirit? There were actually two kinds of thoughts in the Chinese mind:  one the Pro-Confucius and the other, the Against-Confucius. the Pro ones would deny there were any weakness in the Chinese mind. 

Thus, the Pro-Confucius people would like to delete Lu, or to marginalize him.

And this is one of the interesting point to observe China. Will China go back to the thoughts of Confucius? Or to open up another way?

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