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The Trap


The spider told the butterfly, "Don't trust anyone, and  dont believe anything. You are too beautiful, you will be cheated very easily. "

The butterfly said, "Yes you are right. People are always flattering me. They all have ill intentions."

She could not communicate with people anymore, and the worst of all was that she could not communicate with wisdom. She knew nothing.

Many princes have come to ask her hands, she declined them, one by one. 

Soon all princes disappeared. She was sad, there was no one to talk to.

Her teacher told her, it is time to read and think.

She said, how can I trust you, and I am so busy.

She was busy making money.

One day, she was tired. But there was no where to go. 

She visited the spider. 

She was trapped there,  no body have seen her ever since.

When people believe in nothing, finally, they will believe in only one thing.  That is money. All their loving is money. And money is a web, it kills.     

It has been an old story. However, the trap is still everywhere. We saw not only beautiful girls trapped, but many talented people also. And civilizations would be ruined for the same reason.  

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