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李察通訊 Letters in Chinese


Can we be smarter than a Gold fish?


The gold fish is very smart indeed. She knows her situation. She knows that she is living in the water forever, she asks the author to help her, to get away the limits of water. She wants to live like a human. She is a character in my novel.

Yet there are very few people who would ever think like this. 

Can we leave our present situation and go to a  upper level?

This is an extremely important question for smart people. Many in their poor life have never come to such a question. They will remain in the same place until and after their death. 

What does going up one level mean?

It means many thing.  You will be smart, you can fly, and you will win. And it is more than winning. It is same like the gold fish. You are in the air, not in the water.