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A Good Chance to buy a copyright

Song Copy Right...... for sale

COPY RIGHT for the following song is for sale. 
Any one interested please contact the song writer 
Mr. Cheng Wing Lim


And if I were a little cat
You will listen to my call
I will call you and I say
Mel mel mel mel mel mel mel

And if you are a little cat
And if I am doggie bad
I will chase you forever
It's so funny let us play

And if I were a little flower
All the colors you will see
In the sunshine I will dance
for you and for you only

And if I were but human
Will you answer to my call?
Will you treat me like the same?
We are humans any way.

And if I were only me
And if you know it is me
You will see it very clear
This is the guy born for you.......you