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Should Thai education reform start from hairstyle?

According to the New York Times, one rebellious Thai student had said, “ Schools is like a factory that manufactures identical people”. (May 29, 2013, the IHT)

In the same article, there were photos to show how a Thai student getting his haircut after violated the school policy. Teachers forced him to cut his hair, and a girl, forced to re-dye her hair into black.

We did see the same thing happened elsewhere before. How long should be students hair, had been hot debate round the globe. And the next question is: How long should the skirts be? And the third question is: Should free sex be allowed in the school campus? And the fourth question, quite likely: Do student have the right to seek any earthly pleasure in the classroom instead of learning?

What kind of education should student receive? Revolution people would encourage student to have a longer hair, shorter skirt, and not to obey the traditional school teachers.

Western model of education had always been the model for the traditional countries.

And they often forgot that in the west, students are feeling lost. And the main concern for education in the US now, is to keep arms outside the school campus. And they seems never know why students always resort to violent when they are at a complete lost state of mind.

What should be the final aim for education?

To factory make identical products, must be wrong. And to allow pleasure seeking instead of learning could also be wrong.

The question is not in school uniforms, hairstyles, or how sexy should a student look like.

The questions are: whether we can see the urgency that we are lacking wisdom to handle modern affairs.

Education had a much higher aim then freedom of not to learn. When rebellious student started to refuse some sort of education, its time for the authorities to think: what should be the real aim of education?

It is not a right or left struggle. When someone argues that you should turn left, the main concern remains NOT that one would rather turn right. But where are we going to, and why.

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