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Can the Chinese compete with the USA ?

The answer is no. Unless one thing happen, otherwise, the Chinese could never compete with the American, just like the Persian can never compete with the Greek.

I will have to invent a term here.

National Mind.

The Americans do have a national mind when the Chinese don’t .

The Americans do have a declaration. And the Chinese do have a manifesto. I meant the Declaration of Independence and The Communist Manifesto.

And these are documents, not national minds.

But sometimes, we can see the national mind in the form of documents. People may agree, that the declaration can represent the American people. But few of the Chinese remember the manifesto.

To be a man, you need to have a soul. To be a steady nation, you need a national mind.

Can the Chinese “make” a new document?

A national mind is like a plant. They will need a seed, some soil, and sunshine, etc. The declaration was poorly made, though it is quite effective and can last a couple of centuries. However, the declaration was not totally made, but made-up by some thinker and some kind of then common feeling.

Can the declaration last longer? I don’t think so. The American people need a change, and the change included changing their whole mind-set, and the declaration too.

However, even though they keep the old form of the American national mind, and that is enough to compete with the Chinese. The Chinese can never compete with them, not like the Russia, but like Persia. Persia was defeated by the Greek, though they are a big country. Without a mind, being big is useless.

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