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What is investment?

Leechard says:

I had promised to talk about this topic, however, I felt suddenly very much depressed as I heard the news that the US was supporting the Kurds to fight IS. The US will give lots of weapons to the Kurds, and they said they would have them back after the operation. Any one with a little brain will know that is impossible. They had just changed the total situation into a Kurdish nightmare for all. So I thought it is totally meaningless to talk about investment at this moment. It is only a funny joke to remember. 

Here we have a much more important topic:  Is the politics in the US a sole leadership of Trump himself or, it is a trajectory of the US culture and cannot be changed by any one politicians? As the BBC Defense and diplomatic correspondent Mr. Jonathan Marcus had said: "it is hard to see a substantial difference between the new president's approach and that of his predecessor Barack Obama. Rather, the most significant shift may be that Mr. Trump is applying the Obama recipe with more punch, more resources and greater flexibility." (Mar 27, 2017)

The meaning of this is very clear: Democratic elections cannot change the path of a nation. They are still doing the same old things. They are walking on the same old path. 

And it leads to another doubt, is the US really want to defeat the so-called IS? Or just to take a chance to defeat (or destroy) Syria and take more hard interest from the region?  

And they must have been learning the lesson from so many wars before. Arms given cannot be returned. Only that they will build another opposition force more dangerous than the IS. And now the US politicians are saying they will have the weapons back in due course. What a joke and what a lie. And what a fool. 

What is investment? 

Investment is to make use of the modern technology to do something. It is the basic behavior of human progress. By using the modern technology, you need resources. It is very common to have no resources. Resources are occupied completely. It is not easy to utilize them. However, the most important resource is yourself. It is all in your mind. You can always invest yourself into something. 

There are so many stupid investments nowadays. To invest in the Kurds is definitely wrong. 

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