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Can scientists make a better mother bomb?

                   Leechard says:

It is regrettable that the term mother bomb had entered the minds of modern culture. It cannot be deleted. 

The only way is to create some good mother bombs to replace the bad memory. 

At least two kinds of mother bombs are urgently needed by us human race.

1. A rain pusher mother bomb  

If scientists can create a vacuum in the high atmosphere, it might be able to push the rain clouds into another direction. And that could help to create a better weather for many places. For example, the dry places in Africa and Middle East can have more rain. Is it possible? May be. 

2. A fire distinguisher mother bomb 

Bush fires were so big recently that many of them can be shown in the map. The fire area is often too big for ordinary method to handle. 

Lets imagine a huge pressurized mother bomb. It is all drinking beer and carbon dioxide inside. It is so much pressurized that it contains as mush as a swimming pool of beer. When the beer mother bomb explodes in the bush fire, a rain of beer plus lots of carbon dioxide will fall and the fire is distinguished. 

Next week is mother's day. Lets hope some better mother bombs will be soon created. And it is very urgent too to design some hand grenade of beer mother's baby bombs. Fire fighters can put some in their pockets. Whenever the way out is blocked by fire, they can use them to open a path. It will save many lives.    

It is wonderful to have them created. 

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