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Do you think Picasso is really beautiful ?

Leechard says:

Forgive me for asking in such a rude way. Because it is really many people who do not think Picasso is beautiful yet they selfdom deny it. 

Many were frightened by the very high selling price or the very high prestige he has got and never dare to declare that he is ugly. 

It is not only the problem of a single painter but also the total problem of our time. The Ugly had dominated modern culture. 

We can see ugliness from the following different fields: Music, Painting, Novel, Drama, and Dance.

It is very difficult to find beauty in those areas. 

And those are leading areas. All other areas, from every day dress to human behavior are affected if not misled.

Yes Picasso is ugly. And many others are ugly also. We cannot hide into the "nostalgic old songs" or "classics" to stay away from the frightening ugly domination. 

We must use our action to declare that ugliness is not welcomed in our world. We refuse to buy to see to enjoy or to accompany others to stay in front of the ugly and waste time and money to say ok for them. 

Ugliness came from greediness. 

Greediness is the worst form of materialism.

And that is the major threat in our modern world. 

When people lack the courage to standup against  ugliness, they choose to be with them.

It is not talent they are lacking. Talent is a simple matter. Talent is courage. Whenever you have courage you have talent. 

So be brave. Stand up. We need you.  

Lets move the planet a bid. Lets bring back beauty, to ourselves and to our children.

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