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Who is the best mediator


Pope Francis has said the present situation in Korea needed international mediation to help. He had given a strong hint that Norway would be a mediator. 

But the conflict here is real conflict. It is not due to misunderstanding or different political ideas.  

It is very likely not negotiable.

And if the conflict is not settled today, it will develop to a much larger scale in the future. 

North Korea is determined not to give up nuclear weapons, unless they are forced to do so. 

The question is how much force is needed to do it perfectly, not letting any one of the nuclear bombs to explode. 

Libya case is an unforgettable lesson for all the nuclear countries. 

In 2003, the Libyan strongman Muammar al-Qaddafi had believed the West. He was willing to exchange his nuclear weapons for a generous economic benefit. However, revolution happened in 2011. He was not able to suppress the rebels. He died a tragic death. Someone used a knife to pierce into his anus when he was boarding a plane, perhaps he was handcuffed. The scene was filmed and seen by the whole world. It was all because he had given up his nuclear weapons. 

No one is willing to trade in nuclear weapon from then on. May be Iran is the only exception. And no one will know, when will the Iranians build their nuclear reactor again. 

Mediation is not a good method for this. 

And we can see the future trend here. More and more similar cases will happen, again and again. Until one day, a real nuclear war will cover the whole planet. 

We had mentioned a theory of hard and soft interest. Hard interest is land and resources, so there were always wars to fight for them.  Soft interest is creative innovations. It needs not fighting to earn money from it. 

On top of the soft interest, is a reasonable modern culture.    

We humans need to work for soft interest and a reasonable and useful culture. 


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