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Has the modern technology been exhausted?

Leechard says:

Has technology been fully utilized? Or to put it in a more easy way: When will the modern technology be used up completely?

Technology is like a knife in our kitchen. If we have a better tool, the knife could go to the museum. You need not to use an old knife to do anything. If you need to cut an apple, you have other better tool. The traditional knife will be forgotten completely. 

Will there be a time when the modern technology had become traditional and totally forgotten?

The knife is very likely non-replaceable. The same is a pencil, or anything helps you to write. These simple things will be our companions until the end of time. 

But here we need to use the concept. We need to think, if there is one day that we have exhausted the modern technology, what next? 

We are using modern technology to make progress. 

And it is easy. 

What you need is investment. If you have put enough money into something, you are very likely to get what you want. Because there are lots of technology in the market and all of them are for sale. You can dig a hole to make underground highway or fly to the moon. All could be done with investment, plus a little effort. 

Modern technology is not exhausted at this moment. Anyone with bravery can use them, or create new technology within the modern science paradigm. If you dare to invest, you will harvest something. 

I presume, modern technology is in level one now. 

In due course it can be raised up to level two, and then level three. 

What is level one? 

1. Level one is external. All efforts in the modern technology are straightforward. It does not need to go in the minds of something. It never studies the inner side of things. If one day we can go into the inner side, we will be in level two. 

The method of Chinese medicine could be level two. But the progress is far too slow and not enough. It is like some left over knowledge by ancient wisdom. The modern man never really understands them. So we are still in level one. May be one day we can utilize the qi, and use it to replace electricity, by then we can say we are in level two. Now we are not. 

2. Level one is linear and numerical. If one day we need not to use rulers and numbers in mathematics, we are not in level one any more.  From the design of nature we can see, the science of nature is not linear and not numerical. There is no straight line in nature. And the concept of number is human concept. If there is any mathematics in nature, it needs not to use numbers. An elephant needs not count its steps. A swallow needs not calculate its distance. They are not linear and not numerical. 

By going into internal, we will be level two. 

By going into non-linear and non-numeric, we will be level three. Will there be a stage of non-language? I do not know.

We were discussing very conceptual things. Realistic people will stay away from us.

Now we have a more interesting topic:

How do we employ or exploit modern technology? What if I have no money to invest?   

You will find it useful in tomorrow's topic:

What is investment?

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