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What is the original source of conflict ?

Leechard says:

Greed is not the original source. Though it seems to be greed in every conflict. If the fighting parties can reduce some of their greediness, conflict will not develop. 

But deep inside the greediness, there must be an inner power which was so strong that greediness was born. Greed had its own source. 

People do not know how to love each other. All because of a materialistic mind is functioning behind. If they do not love each other, then they will fight each other. They will turn eternal happiness into eternal unhappiness. 

But why? 

What is the source of greediness?

Lack of wisdom, I would say. 

Or stupidity. Only the very wise people, only people with some wisdom, would have known the secret to heal the wound of conflicts. That is something we call it wisdom. 

If you were wise enough, you would know how to live a better life by avoiding the painful source of hatred, you will find happiness. And conflicts were only greediness, sometimes. 

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