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Can the US defeat the NK single-handedly?

Leechard says:

You need to have friends.

You need to be honest and you need to be trusted. 

You need to behave like a wise gentleman, not a street gangster. 

Mr. Donald Trump had said he would do it alone to handle the case of North Korea.

It is true that he can. 

The only doubt is whether he can do it perfectly not letting any one of the nuclear devices exploded. It means a total failure if it is not perfect. 

It is the truth of life also. If you are not pure, you are failed. You should choose to live in the air or in the water. Amphibians are simply not human beings.

In that case, it needs a perfect plan, plus the support of friends.

And how can you have friends when you keep striking them in the back?

The Kurds case, the South China Sea case, the Taiwan case, and the Hong Kong case, were all the same. 

If you are a friend of Dalai Lama then you are not a friend of China. If you are supporting the Kurds, then you will not be able to defeat the IS.

No one is a friend if he is not to be trusted. 

The question is can the US defeat the NK single-handedly?

The answer is no.

(It needs not a Watergate to bring him down; the North Koreans will do the job.)

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