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What is hatred proliferation ?


Hatred Proliferation is the most important issue. Its far more important then the nuclear proliferation issue. If hatred remains the main thoughts in modern world, nuclear proliferation is never able to prevent. 

Hatred is a common tool used by all sides of the political powers. To create hatred is easy. And it is cheap to create it. To spread a word, to spread a hatred idea, is effective and fast. 

That is the most vulnerable side of the human nature. 

Whenever you see people shouting some kinds of slogans in the streets, you will easily spot hatred in their eyes. 

And hatred needed a target. And a target needed to be demonized. Problems could be easily blamed on the demonized target. They are not doing something to solve problems. They solve problems by blaming. 

Do not blame and do not demonize any one. 

But think and study. 

By deeply probing into the questions the truth could be found and problems solved.

To raise a fist and shout down with someone is easy. But it is also stupid. Because people seldom think and try to find out solutions. 

Some stupid people are willing to waste their life to throw a bomb. They are too busy to hate than to think. Those are terrorists. But the other side is more or less the same. They are reluctant to think why there are so many terrorists. 

It's easy to demonize anyone you don't like, as it is easy to be stupid. But it is never easy to work hard and think hard to find out the truth. 

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