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What is the most important not important matter?

Leechard says:

It is so important that if it is not well taken care of, total defeat, failure and even destruction will follow. Yet it is not important. People will not give a dime for it. It is worthless.

What is that?

It is the sense of beauty. 

People like ugly things. 

And it is a major trend of the Western culture.

At first it seemed to be a trend of anti-reason only. Music had suddenly lost all their beauty. It was firecracker, not feeling.  And Drama was puzzle. Novel was not understandable. Painting was distorted lines and color.  Yet people like them. A Picasso painting was sold recently for an extremely high price. 

And the most important event was an English marriage. The Prince married a most beautiful Princess on earth. Yet he deserted her. He had other taste for a different woman. 

Is it only a matter of "taste" only?  People's taste had changed. They like ugly things. 

Not many people will bravely say a Picasso painting is ugly as the selling price is frightening. But the world could never deny Princess Diana was a beauty. Yet the Prince did not like her. 

It is important. It is a major trend of the whole world. It is very sad not many people bother. 

Beauty is not isolated human feeling. It is same as truth and goodness. When people turned away from the brighter side of life, every thing will become dangerous. People will never feel safe again. If you had lost your sense of beauty, you will lose your sense of safety.  


May be it is materialism. May be it is just stupid. May be it is an external way of seeing things. 

The trend is real and powerful. It cannot be denied. If there is any hope of the modern Western culture, we can only hope for the come back of Beauty. 

Come back, Diana.

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