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Hi, Pope Francis: Should we love Terrorists?

Leechard says:

The most important part of Jesus teaching is that you should love your enemy. Or else, you are no different from that of the bandits. Bandits love their love ones too. 

But when the terrorist kills us, shall we love them? Or, how are we going to love them? 

When I heard about the media and the leaders declared their determination to kill all terrorists on earth, I was rather doubted whether they were justified. 

When a single terrorist carried a bomb to kill himself and people nearby, I just wondered what was going on in his mind. 

What did he think when he determined to kill himself and others?
If he was wrong, which I never doubt, then what was the cause of his error? 

It is easy to tell the world a determination that someone will kill all terrorists on earth. 

Yet it is more difficult to kill the roots of terrorism. And that root is deeply planted inside the Western mind. 

Old testament had encouraged people to kill and to hate the non-believers. And that very belief had been spread into other religions. Only Jesus had said you should love your enemy. 

But if we are going to love the enemy, My Dearest Pope, can you tell us how? Should we declare the error in the Bible first? 

I remain, 
Your honest fellow human being 


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