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Why evils cannot be hated?

Leechard says:
Because hatred is a contagium and evils are contagious. If someone hates a certain evil, he will be infected with the evil spirit and become an evil. The one who hates evil will be another evil.

The nature of hatred is very useful to political powers. They often employ hatred to recruit member. Once the target of hatred is setup, all the blames will be on that target. They will demonize the target with the help of the media. When the fire of hatred is burning high, people in a heated secret group will give up using their senses. Their thinking function will stop. They will only listen to their leader. Many of them are willing to give up life to sacrifice without a second thought.

Terrorists used this method. The West also used it. In the so-called Arab Spring, governments collapsed one by one. All were results of hatred. Secret messages spread like fire and crowds organized. Few governments could stand against the rebellious hatred organizations. 
The problem is they do not think. With the help of foreign powers, they had taken over the ruling power, but do not know how to use it. Old governments replaced by the new one, poverty and difficulties remain unchanged. 

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