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What if your washing machine is broken?

Leechard says:

You can either wash them by hand or take it to the laundry. 

But you can also think. Try to design something simple to wash your clothes. 

And suddenly you don't wish to have the washing machine fixed quickly. The washing machine people need 12 days to transport the machine back to the factory and another 8 days to fix it. In between I need to call them more then five times, each time I need to wait by the phone for more then 20 minutes as their phone was always busy. What? Am I living in Africa?  I knew the other brand need only 3 days to finish the job. Washing machine is a big market here. Every household just cannot do without them. 

And this is another example of bad investment. Why not put some more effort to keep your market? Or else, I will buy the other brand next time. 

However, I treasure these 20 days. I just could not stop thinking every day. I kept thinking to myself, there must be some kind of device like a piece of two feet long broomstick. Put it in the bathtub, the clothes in the tub will be cleaned in ten minutes. 

And remember, washing machine is a big business. You need to invest something and win the whole market. 

And will there be a waterless washing machine in the very near future? You will occupy all the market in the planet immediately only if you can invest enough time and patience to study and produce it. 

Meanwhile, my temporary washing machine is my feet. I put all my clothes in the tub and jump on it. I jumped only twenty to thirty times and then start rinsing. May be I can put them in a large bag, and use a motor to hang it up high and drop it down fast? Only I need to use a small computer to control the speed and length of time. I almost succeeded my invention. But they called me suddenly to send back the machine. What bad luck.  

By midnight when I was sleeping, suddenly something occurred to me. What if the water splashed the whole bathroom? Do I need to fix a splashguard? I have no sleep that night. And I was happy with a sleepless night. What good luck I have. 

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