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Is there a way out for Mr. Trump ?

                        Leechard says:

Mr. Trump is in a very bad situation now. Most of the lawmakers are against him, including his own Republican members. It seems the party had turned against him completely. He is a president of no party. It is a rare situation in American history. He has no support.

Many of the politicians, if not all of them, wanted to get rid of him.   

All he need is a little courage.

If he can tell his people: yes, I want to be friend with Russia and China, and if he can give a very good reason for that, he can turn the situation up side down.

It is not only a strategic matter. He has to push the whole mindset of the American people to accomplish that.

Why do the American people need friends but not enemies?

From a strategic angle, American people can make good money when they have no real enemies.

There will be a situation when there are no conflicts of skin colors, no terrorists, major threats are not human but the nature itself. All will be much happier.

It's a possible dream.

Mr. Trump is like floating on a small boat. He paddles hardly, wishing to get away from the whirlpools.

But there are undercurrents.

Can he manage the undercurrents?

Can he change the American mindset of materialism into a more pragmatic idealist thinking?

Yes, to be idealistic is pragmatic. It deals with the undercurrents.

If he can utter the line: "Yes I want friends not enemies." He will have the minds of the American people.

He can move all the charismatic thinkers, writers, scientists, singers, movie stars, and scholars to his side, if he can change his own mindset first.  

If the mindset was changed, he can ignore the politically not corrected media. It is because all intelligent people are on his side. The media has to change and follow.

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