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How come democracy can be mediocracy ?

                        Leechard says:

Western culture was a combination of Greek culture and Jewish culture. When Western culture came to America, it had become American culture, which is not the same as the older Western culture.

Early Americans were unhappy with the Puritan believe. They had made "pursue of happiness" their own faith. Yet they are more aggressive. You can see this in the Cowboy films of America. They carried guns and were highly protective of their own interests. Aggressiveness can be seen from the American football games also. Bravery is an important part of the American culture.  

American culture is materialistic which is an outcome of the external thinking pattern.

"Democracy" had become a military tool of politics when it was exported to other countries, but the tool had somewhat changed. It is "mediocracy" more then "democracy".

Voting rights are not rights at all if people do not know what they are voting for.

But this is not important. Important is when they are organized or mesmerized to overthrow a Government under the pretext of "democracy".

When " democracy" was wrapped and shipped, some other products were included as a free gift. That was materialism.

Democracy plus materialism equals to mediocracy. And a mediocre Government is easier to manipulate from abroad.

To export democracy plus materialism is a new form of secret war nowadays.

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