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How should old people be treated?

                        Leechard says:

A 105 years old Chinese writer who has died recently said, it is better for the old people to avoid going out in traffic peak rush hours, just to make way for the young. And she said she had found out, at the age of 105, that life is nothing to do with the whole world, you are only yourself.

That was a very popular article; it was widely circulated in local mobiles.   

But I would say it was wrong.

If she had found that one is nothing to do with the whole world, then why would she write?  Why would she bother to talk to others? Why would she not care to deliver negative thoughts?

Life is not only individual. All individuals are parts of a bigger being. Old people are not pests. They are the same as every one. The importance of an old being is the same as a newborn baby. We should take care of them like we take care of babies.

It is with this thought that we could proclaim we are human beings. Or else, we would not be eligible to claim anything.

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