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Can we avoid sad feelings?

                        Leechard says:

For some strange reasons, suddenly I was crazy about one song: "Windmills of your mind". I listened to it repeatedly and I tried to remember the whole song for a whole Sunday.

I told my old friends about that, but no one was interested. I knew how people would have thought about sad songs. Life is so difficult; it is no good to add in more pressure for it. They prefer funny TV programs. At least you could laugh your lonely nights off.

But I found that real art can put the mind in peace and feelings were unavoidable. Sadness and Happiness or feeling angry was important parts of our life. It was where our wisdom lies. If there were no feeling, there would be no wisdom.

If you are sad, if you have tears, if you feel unhappy, do not hide it and do not avoid it. Just show it to the whole world.  

Not every one can have that special ability to write a good sad song for the whole world. It was a blessing. And those who could enjoy it were also a blessing. Can you enjoy sadness? Yes you can.  It was when you have changed the sadness into art.  When you could show your feeling to another one, art was created. And we would say, it was more than art. It was wisdom.  

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