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How did the world shaped?

                        Leechard says:

The shaping force of the world is in culture pattern. It is not in politics, nor in religions, nor even in philosophies.

When people were trapped into the special pattern, they will live and think in a special way as the pattern constructed and defined.

The patterns didn't come in vain. The patterns were shaped by a combination of forces, such as philosophies, religions or politics. Sometimes it needed several religions to help building one culture pattern.

This is a huge subject. It needs time and space to elaborate. I can only list the very basic ideas here. Please refer to my book: "Who will be rich tomorrow" (In Chinese) for more details.


The first pattern is India pattern. The Indians had a tradition of seeing things as sex oriented. Their early gods were sex heroes. And sex is linked into human desire. From then on, almost all major religions and philosophers have a priority of thoughts: The promotion or suppression of human desire. They have been in this conflict of thoughts for thousands of years. When people had put to much focus on the points of desire, they will tend to neglect other fields of study. All the important things in life were how to control desire.

Desire is not the same as morality.

Morality and the suppression of desire are completely different. Only when you can accept this, you will know the different thought between India and China.


The Chinese pattern is morality.

Its not so complicated as the Indian pattern.

And the pattern was not invented by Confucius. It was a much older tradition of Chow dynasty. Confucius was but a scholar of Chow tradition.

Chow tradition was from In dynasty tradition. In people were very religious. They worship Ghosts. Chow people drove away In people. It was believed that In people had fled to South America. Chow people were opposite to the Ins. They thought Heaven is not important. They had invented a set of behavior rules. According to the rules, every one should respect elders. Elders were the final judges of every thing, including truth. And that is the basic of Chinese morality. When morality was considered more important than truth seeking, people were easily governed by morality.


Western pattern was more complicated.

Western civilization was from two sources: Greek culture and Jewish culture. Greek culture had given them reasoning power and the Jewish culture had put them into difficult mode of passions.

Jesus had tried to change the old Jewish tradition. Jews believed in eye for eye and tooth for tooth, and maintained a one-god faith. That meant they would not allow heresy, or anything different to their core value. Jesus tried to change them by adding one more commandment of love, and before his death, Jesus said he would send a new spirit of truth to help people to gain wisdom.

Love and Wisdom are two major elements to change the old Jewish system. But Jesus had never been able to change the Jews with the two elements. As for the Catholic Church, they had become a suppressing power to wisdom since the middle age. And the other end of development was in the puritans. Puritans had turned love into an unbearable torment of religious rites. And that was why the Americans put pursuit of happiness into the Declaration of Independence. Though many had explained happiness in moral or religious terms, however, the average people might not care. Religious pressure had pushed the Western people to the other end. Materialism prevailed; external observation dominated all fields of study.    

And those were the major sources of the Western Pattern:

Materialism with the support of reasoning power.

Wars and major recent political situations were reflections of materialism. However, idealism, love, and other religious faith were opposite healthy growths within the pattern of materialism.  

Our world was shaped in the Indian pattern of desire control, the Chinese pattern of morality, and the Western pattern of materialism.

Different power sources like religions, political ideas, and philosophical ideas had little effort in shaping the world. They were just forces inside the patterns.

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