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Should I love my God who may not be omnipotent?

                        Leechard says:

Omnipotent and God had become the same in the last several thousands of years in the Jewish tradition. And it had become a general idea in the West.

And the side effect is you can either believe in an omnipotent God or no god at all.  

What is "omnipotent"? It doesn't only mean all powerful, but also mean the God is the only one, and any other god is evil thinking.

It was this faith that created the Jewish tradition, and also the other extreme religious thoughts.

It is rather difficult for the western mind to accept the non-omnipotent thought.

Shall I still love my God if he is not all-powerful and can do anything?

And you may ask, what is love? How should I love my God?

Questions are uncomfortable. People would not like it. It's easier for them to think: Should I keep my faith still? Or Should I go to church on Sundays?

They will not care to know that monotheism is exactly the source of problems nowadays. The thoughts of an omnipotent God produces unforgiving mind, and an unforgiving mind creates hatred and terrorism. It goes together with materialism. The root of terrorism is in the West. How strange yet it is true.   

Should I love my God?

Yes, it is the answer of Jesus.

How do I love my God?

With wisdom and prayers. It's the teaching of Jesus also.

How do I pray?

What has Jesus told you? Find a silent and secret place.

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