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What is the worst thing on earth ?

Leechard says:

I would name a few worst things on earth:

One is stupidity.  

Two is greed. 

Three is hate. 

The most stupid thing in human being is that they cannot distinguish internal from external. They don't know what is life and can only see the material side in life. 

Once they were blind in this aspect, they will never know what is happiness or why are they living for. They would know what is eating, what is sex, etc. But they don't know what is love. Their life is no different from animals, except that they are much more greedy than animals.

Sometimes they will have spiritual enjoyment. It is called vanity. When they are admired and envied by others, they are happy. And it is the only thing they are aiming at and fighting for.

Their achievements are no match of plants and animals. 

They can see only external things. They thought those were all they need in life. 

And this will lead to greediness.

They want more. 

And hatred follows.

All the conflicts and wars happened this way. 

They are stupid. 

A wise guy needs not know the theories about internal and external. 

He has got a feeling. He saw and he felt and he knew. From the first instinct he knew what he was going to do. 

This must be the highest secret in life. 

Feeling is above understanding. 

All their need is that little bit of feeling. If they can feel how their parents loved them and how they expected them to do, they will have a better life. 

If they can feel the sound, the colors, the love, the emotions and stories and everything, they will not be stupid. 

The only thing stupid guys know is hatred. They would hate anyone who is better off then they do.
Or any one who tried to talk to them. 

It is no cure. Feeling is above understanding. No matter how you tell them, they would simply not know.  

And that is why you need not talking with animals. 

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