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What am I thinking about the human situation ?

Leechard says:

The encounter last night with the Hong Kong police had been a good irritation for me. I am a street violinist. I play my music on the Hong Kong Streets by night. Those are my most happy moments in my life. But some times the police would come and ordered me to stop. They would say I am begging and produces noise. When I argue with them, they would say, according to the law of Hong Kong, street music is not allowed.

That night when I came home, I could not stop to think why.

Why my books cannot publish in Hong Kong, and why my column was not allowed to continue and why my songs cannot be sung, and now, I cannot even play violin on the streets. And when people are talking about the poverty situation in Hong Kong, they must have forgotten that begging is illegal. If you are in urgent need, you cannot beg from the kind hearted people. You would not be allowed to have any way to go. All doors were closed for you.

The so-called democracy is fake. There is no democracy in Hong Kong.

Is there any democracy elsewhere? I cannot tell. I can only say I don't know. Can the external system protect us human beings? I doubt it. And sometimes it is only a tool, to over throw governments and makes power change hands.

Can human beings achieve something internally and keep their mind in peace to maintain a peaceful situation for the whole world to work for a better living condition for every one? I doubt that also.

I had tried to read from the noble minds from ancient till present to settle my mind. I had even converted myself into a Catholic just to try to understand more about Jesus and his teachings.

I had read Earnest Hemingway. I admired him when he thought he was the last one to fight on. However he had failed tragically. He had committed suicide and given up his cause to fight on. I dare not say Jesus Christ was failed also. But he had no followers. When he had peached about love and wisdom, he had not much time left indeed. He had only three years to peach love, when he found love is not enough and he said he would send the spirit of truth to teach people more wisdom so as they would understand the human and maybe the universal situation. I would guess what he meant by love. Love is not love when there is no wisdom inside. However, his words were neglected. And the spirit of truth had never come. And this is a question, if your mind is in question, my dear Pope Frances, I doubt that you can settle yourself in peace. May be there are too much politics for you to handle, you are too busy to think. Poor guy.

Yet the noblest spirit is Abraham Lincoln. He is my tower of power. Whenever I was in weakness, whenever I can remember him, I would have courage to fight on.

He said a government for the people shall not perish from the earth.

But he was careless to say such a word. For the people? For what people? Is it for the United States people only and the Mexicans were not included? Not to mention so many other nations?

If Abraham Lincoln can wake up from the tomb, he would have corrected his speech. If he were here he would say, it is for all the people, not only for the United States people. And he would be neglected as usual. The Senators would not call for a panel to hear him. What a poor guy he was and he is.

I will write more about my philosophy tomorrow.

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