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Will the three powers go into war ?

                        Leechard says:

One thing for the whole world to consider is that would it be better for the three powers to get into wars or into deep and unsolvable conflicts?

In that case, the smaller powers might have a chance to survive and be prosperous.

If the three powers were not at odds with each other and were truly friendly with each other or even became real partners, would the world be worse?

It should be the worry for many other smaller powers to ponder.

There was a most ridiculous scene in the Middle East lately.

A Russian plane was shot down in Syria when the powers were getting together to fight the so-called IS.

It was like a funny football match. The players were attacking their fellow teammates but not the enemies.

And it was not ridiculous at all if one was in deep thoughts about the true nature of the powers.

However, the most interesting question is the above one.

Would it be better if they fight each other?

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