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What is the next worst thing ?

Leechard says:

The first bad thing on earth is stupidity.

The next one is to blame. 

I would say HDB is better. It means Help, Don't Blame. 

Once we started blaming on others, the problem will never be resolved. 

For example, when the US is to pull out of the Paris Accord, don't blame them. Help them. 

They cannot afford millions of people lost their jobs. Help them, if you can. Help and do not blame. If we cannot offer a helping hand, at least, we should try to understand more and see how the problems can be avoided. 

It is not sure which of the geniuses had invented the term "international elite". You saw it suddenly on the media. And some times it is "so-called international elite". 

It is invented after the pull out. Before, they are addressed with honor as "international communities". 

And now it has changed the status. They were isolated into a few people who were against the pull out. Perhaps the next step would be demonization. 

When people started blaming on each other, that means total failure will not be far. 

The first thing we should avoid is being stupid. 

The next thing we should do is to avoid blaming others. 

Thou shall not be stupid and thou shall not blame. 

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