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Why Jesus needed a papa ?

                        Leechard says:
If we truly know religion, we could know many secrets in culture. But it is not easy to get into the core of religion, as it was protected by many taboos. The taboos were only human behavior, it was not necessary from the religion itself, but from human errors. If anyone is to break the taboos, they will crucify him like Jesus.

Why did Jesus need a papa?   

Jesus had been working all his life trying to change the direction of an ancient cult of the Jews. According to the New Testament, he had denied it. But from the actions and the measures, he was actually pushing another direction.

His ideas were to love your neighbor and your enemies, do not blame others. (The correct wording here should be "judge", but the real meaning should be "blame". If there is no judgment among human beings, then there will be no wisdom also, which Jesus probably would not agree.)

But why should enemies be loved and not blamed?

The answer was hidden in his direction. He would not agree the ancient cult to kill the heresy; and to kill any one who was not in the same faith with the cult.

And there was a further deeper meaning in that.

God was not necessary omnipotent, as the priests had said.

It should be careful here. Not being omnipotent does not mean not powerful. And this is the most difficult part in religion. It can be partly powerful, it can change one's fate, or have lots of miracles, but it doesn't mean omnipotent. Some people deny religion; they will change from theism to atheism directly.

Can we imagine if God has a son? Then he may have a father. Then he may have ancestors. Then he must have a place to come from.

If Jesus needed a papa, His father might need one also. It would not be the nature of an omnipotent God.
An omnipotent god is core value in Terrorist faith also. This is what modern people should not neglect and forget.

Why did Jesus need a father?

His true meaning was that god was not necessary omnipotent. Gods could coexist with others too, and God might need the help of anyone, including us human beings.

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