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What is Americanization ?

                        Leechard says:


Americanization is not the same as westernization.

In many poor and old style countries, go western is a dream. It means they can use the western knowledge to do things.

To a certain extend, it means western ideas and western methods. It seems to be a way to affluence.

What is wrong with it?

Why are people keep saying no?

It means you need to give up some very basic and inner nature of your own culture.

It is your soul.

A simple westernization is not harmful. But to give up inner ideas and subject themselves to the commands of foreign people, is worst then colonization.

Westernization is a method and a philosophy.

Americanization is political.

It means external intention, manipulation, total control of a country, and the original leadership destroyed and replaced.  

Some people like Liu Xiao Bo and Hu Shi insisted on "Complete Westernization". It meant complete destroy of your own culture, including your language and your soul.

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