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Who are Liu Xiao Bo and Hu Shi ?

                        Leechard says:


They are reflections of the US policy towards China.

Hu Shi was an early Chinese scholar. In the times after the downfall of Ching Dynasty and Early development of a modern China, there was a period of culture enlightenment in China. Numerous writers and artist appeared, but only one had won the praise of the US. He was Hu Shi. A total of 35 Universities around the world had offered honorary Phd for him. None other writers and artists could compare with him. His only idea about Chinese culture was total westernization, regardless any of the nature of Chinese culture.

Liu was the same.

He copied the ideas of American declaration of Independence, without any consideration about the nature of the Chinese culture. He was offered a prize from the Nobel prize, same as the one Barack Obama had received.

It seems that the American policy had not changed for the last 100 years. They encourage westernization or Americanization for China.

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