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What would the 3 powers do if they were not going to war?

                      Leechard says:

If they are not going to be partners, they will fight each other. If they are not able to fight each other, what will they do?

Still they will fight, only in a cheaper and secret way.

But we might be wrong. Will it be really "cheaper"? We do not have any data here, but only judge it by history and culture behavior.

How much money the powers have used on medias and other secret channels to manipulate other countries?  

It is a new form of war since colonialism. They will kill each other with smiles.

They will build secret political units inside the other countries. Until one day, they will control their leaders or replace them or simply kill them.

The secret wars are based on only one thing.

Those who have stronger cultural power will win.

It is not a simple "moral high land". It's a complicated secret war.

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