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why memories are beautiful

                        Leechard says:

Memories are beautiful. If you do not feel this, it simply means you are young. In the minds of young people, only future is beautiful. They are looking forward to an unknown beautiful place. Yet I can tell you, the future is the same as the past. They are all beautiful.

It will be more beautiful when future had become past. Every one will become old, and could be more beautiful and wiser as age comes.

Yes, it is the biggest secret in life. If the secret is discovered, then we would all be happy and our minds will be settled. The unclear elements in life could be swept away.

Why are the memories beautiful?

Because it is the essence of life. Life is complicated, but the essence is highly concentrated. In our memories, you can have the good parts of the essence only. So it is beautiful.

Beauty is the creation of your inner feeling. When too much ugliness had invaded into your life, you wouldn't be happy. Yet you can always fight against them.

And ugliness can be exported into the country. Too much materialism means ugliness, and it was imported together with the "democratic atomic bomb": too much of sex promotion, over emphatic of eating desire, ugly songs, ugly movies, bad advertisements, plus ill designed religious thoughts and mediocre philosophies, ugliness was flooding in the beautiful country.

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