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What is triangular balance ?

                        Leechard says:

China has a very long history. Different patterns of politics have been parts of Chinese experiences.

Triangular balance is but one of the very bitter memory in Chinese history.

There will be no winner in the triangular balance.

This is the last teaching one can have in the Three Kingdom history of China.

Each side of the triangle wished to pull to itself a bit more. They pulled and pulled. Finally, the triangle broke and every one died.

It was a time of no drones.

They could not fly up high to see the total picture.

Nor could they calculate the outcome.

There was no higher view for them.

It is a very simple thing for Mr. Trump to change his attitude towards Russia suddenly these days.

The triangular balance is the basic strategy of the US.  They wanted to contain China and defeat Russia.

That was a force so strong that no President can resist. Not even Mr. Trump. If Mr. Trump had tried to change that, he would have ended his political career. He is not a talent, after all.

But there are some interesting hints here.

What if the shape of the triangle be changed?

A negative triangle could be changed into a positive circle.

If the three sides stop pulling, and eliminate the negative force;  

If they can try to bring the balance into a positive way;

If they can shake hands;

The triangle would change into a circle.

Every one will be a winner, not a loser.

It needs talents to do that.

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