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What is a Trumpian Handshake?

                        Leechard says:


The Trumpian Handshake is useless in the balance of the triangle.

To compare with the total political force, it is too small.

Can you draw people to your side with a mere handshake?

The task is to manipulate the situation. That needs a force from elsewhere.

Politic is not like business. It is much more complicated. But still, the principles are similar. You need to have actual attraction to make people come.

The Three Kingdom stories were so familiar with the Chinese people. Almost all were agreed that there was no winner in the lengthened wars by then.

Yet few can see into the real situation.

If you are to live at that time, what will you do?

Will you be Cao Cao(曹操), or Zhuge Liang(諸葛亮)?

It was said those were genius. Yet geniuses could not handle the situation.

They were using similar methods like Mr. Trump.

You have to move the total cultural settings to win.

It's a pity that seldom do people knew about this.

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