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How bad is the situation of Mr. Trump ?

                        Leechard says:

The question is who.

Who is ruling the US? Mr. Trump or something else?

Any observer can see, there is a huge force governing the US, and that force is not necessary the power of Mr. Trump.

The so-called democracy is but external factor of the country. Other deeper unseen force is the real dominant leadership of the country.

The conflict between Mr. Trump and the unseen force is bigger and bigger now.

America is a country of assassination.

First, hatred is created. Some one had become the main target of the nation.

Second, some strange guy, and later examination would determine the guy is a psychic or unbalanced person, would have a chance to shoot. His motivation is from the generally created hatred.

It seems that Mr. Trump cannot control his own intelligence units.

Any thing can happen at the moment.

Mr. Trump needs to care for two things. Both are of vital importance.

First is his safety.

Second is the total mindset of the American people.  

If he can be sure of his own safety, then he needs to know more about culture matters, which is remote but the key of all his solutions is there.


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