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Why there are so many Gurus in India?

Why are there so many Gurus in India?

                        Leechard says:
Its almost impossible in Isreal or Moslim countries or even Western countries  to have so many Gurus in the same country.

It is a special situation coming from the ancient culture of India. 

India is polytheism, not monotheism. 

Polytheism allows other gods to survive while their counterpart monotheism don't. 

But this is only the first part of the situation.

Early religions in India had their own Genesis.

The story goes like this:

The God liked sex very much. 
He would make love with the Goddess any minute. The Goddess found it annoying. So she changed herself into a female horse to avoid the God, hoping to have a peaceful time. However, the God changed himself into a male horse to follow her. They have sex all the time and lots of baby horses were born. Then she changed herself into another animal, the God followed quickly. The story repeated itself many times. Finally She changed herself into a female ant, and the God a male ant. That was the origin of all lifes on earth. 

The God himself was very strong in sex. His semen had been flowing from heaven to earth. And that semen water was the origin of the Ganges. The Ganges water was regarded as holy water since. 

To the foreigners, this is an interesting sex story. However, the other wise people in India did not think the same. They thought it was harmful if too much desire was created. 

Almost all religions in India had put "desire and the control of desire" as the center theme of religion. 

They thought it was the only important thing on earth to handle with. 

And it was not the same as the Chinese. Chinese people under  the influence of Confucius had thought "moral" was most important. If moral was ok every thing is ok. Kings needed not to worry any other thing such as science etc. 

And "moral" is not the same as "desire control". It is absolutely different. 

Leechard (Cheng Wing Lim) had written a lot about the theories of  culture. Its mostly in Chinese. Leechard hopes those ideas could be shared with the Western minds someday. 

Culture is a very special thing. It comes from early human creation. However, once the culture pattern was formed, it is not easy to re-format. 

Re-format  may not be the best idea. We can change ourselves little by little. It is not so painful and it is the possible way. But knowing the problem is important. At least you will know what is the original cause of the present situation.That is the reason why we need a new philosophy.   

                        *Leechard Asks*

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