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What will happen if Mr. Trump were removed?

                        Leechard says:

Business will be as usual if Mr. Trump were removed from office by tomorrow.

The US is not governed by a single president. And if he is removed, the undercurrent will manage to run the US same as before.

Its only because that Mr. Trump is so special that something would be wrong and the hidden current is threatened.

Mr. Trump has always said about fake news. He didn't know, those were not fake news, but hatred creations. When enough hatred is created, he would be in great danger.

In the cases of France or Britain, they would resort to a general election to settle the debate. But it is not the case of the US.

Can Mr. Trump win 90% of the minds of the people of America?

If he can do so, he might have a chance to survive. Or else, he is dead.

The problem is can he have the talent to see the trends of the world?

Who would doubt this?

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