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Who can win the minds of America?

                        Leechard says:

It is an important issue. He who can win the minds of the American people can win the minds of the world, like Abraham Lincoln did 150 years ago.

He can easily escape destruction, avoid the pressure of the media and the fellow politicians, and lead America to a higher and better place.

President Trump likes to tweet. President Lincoln could only write. He wrote once in his deep distress, that one of his army leader had not listened to his instruction to proceed and capture the escaping army, and lost the chance to finish the war.

Robert E, Lee, General of the Confederate Army was trapped before the Potomac River, which was flooding due to the weather. And the Union Army led by Lincoln's subordinate General George Meade was behind him.

Lincoln ordered Meade to proceed but Meade was not listening. He hesitated and stayed for six days until the flooding was over and bridges were built and Robert Lee was gone. He had lost the golden chance to end the war.

Lincoln was so angry so he wrote a letter to General Meade, telling him the consequences.

However, that letter was never sent. It was found after his death among other documents.

There were lots of similar examples in world history. Refuse to obey is the worse sin in war times; it could lead to immediate execution. Like that of Scaramucci was not disobey, but the execution was fast. President Trump fired him at once.

Lincoln was different. What he saw was different from other people.

He was selfless. What he considered was the total situation of the war, not his own wellbeing. He knew it was useless to blame General Meade. He would try other method to end the war. And he did win the war later.

Ordinary people can only handle imminent happenings. They can hardly see the higher-level picture of the situation. And that is the difference between Lincoln the genius and other leaders.

To reach such higher level of thinking is not easy. To have a loving mind or a selfless consideration is easier said then done.

It is very not easy for President Trump to get away from the situation now, though he is very clever. If he can shift his mind, if he can see deeply into the problems, there would be a hope for the world peace. Or else, Americans have to wait for another leader in the future elections.

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