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Why dreaming is more important than health?

To have a dream is idealism. To have more money is the other end of materialism. And people would not mention their greed. They would only encourage health seeking. They would say health is the most important thing. But the idea is wrong. Mind and spirit is more important then health. Anyone who has a strong conviction and keeps in mind an ideal goal would have a better health. Human body is governed by mind. If any one loses the will to live on, would have health problems very fast. What is a will to live on? It is dreaming. Or, idealism.

Why should I have a dream?  Any one who likes to see, to read, to search, would have a dream.

And we could say it is the ultimate motivation of life.

One important factor of life is balancing. You always need to balance yourself. You need to balance between the need of basic living necessities and the urge to find the ideal. And there are lots other things need balancing. Like family and work, exercise and rest, etc. But the most important of all is your basic motivation. It is like an airplane. To balance in the air is important. But if the plane loses motivation, it falls.

Why do people keep telling us health is the most important?

It is propaganda sometimes.

We could easily find it in the popular culture in Hong Kong.

Encourage eating, encourage longevity (It is the older form of promoting health); the city would become a farm of healthy pigs.

It is a long term and secret tactic of the American Empire, I believe, to bring Hong Kong or any other city into a place of nowhere and finally separate itself from its own country.    

It is a real tactic, not the natural trend of the Chinese culture. It could be seen in numerous movies, entertaining TV shows, and more obviously, the poem-like spreads of Whatsapp articles.  

It is cheap and effective political tactic.

It is not normal. It is political.

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