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Why the name of Confucius is omitted in Chinese undercurrent media?

                        Leechard says:

It could very likely be the plot of the Chinese.

They wanted to promote Confucius, but in an unnoticed way.  

 They would say it is a war of ideology and that is quite simple:

1  That to be satisfied is happiness (Forget about your idealism).

2 That to do as any other ordinary people do (obey the fate or the elders. Do as the neighbors do).

3  That health is of utmost important. (To seek selfish longevity is ancient Chinese wisdom).

4  That you should love yourself. (It is the highest secret about selfish love in mediocrity philosophy).

The interesting point here is that the name of Confucius is always omitted. Numerous articles found on the popular Chinese websites were said to be written by Steve Jobs, or a certain University scholar, or even the Pope Francis. It seems even the pope and most other world-renowned celebrities were converted into Confucianism. The Chinese public was difficult to check about the facts, as it is not easy to reach materials from other languages.  

The question is why. Why does the Chinese not willing to mention the name of Confucius?

Is it an import strategy of the Chinese?

The plots is: to promote Confucianism secretly.

                        *Leechard Asks*

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