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What is the difference between China and India?

                         Leechard says:
The difference between China and India is an important issue in international politics. If the Indians could really aware of the problem and solve it, Indians would be rich. And if the Chinese could really aware of it, Chinese would be not containable. The US want to defeat Russia, contain China while forget about India. 

The difference between China and India is in their major theme of culture. 

The Chinese is moral orientated and India is desire control orientated. 

That constituted the major paradigms of the two cultures. 

Moral is not the same as "desire control". Since the early history of India, they had developed a psychological complex of desire control. It was because some religion had put sex in a very high position that other religion leaders had worried about it and developed a system to control desire. 

Desire had been encouraged and now it needs control. That was the major theme in India and it is a problem never solved and much attention was on the issue while other culture issue was neglected. It was thought that the aim of life is to control desire. 

India is a country of Gurus. One major Guru was found guilty of rape in 2017. He was Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh. And he was accused of forcing 400 followers to undergo castration "to get closer to God", according to reports of the BBC.

Castration is a radical means to control desire. It was clear that Indians are still in the old paradigm.  

Moral is to guard the basic behavior of a person. Desire control was but a very small part of moral. It was an early Confucius attempt to guide the conducts of a nation. It was still in force nowadays. The crime rate of big Chinese cities was much lower then the US. However, the Chinese were more obedient and less eager to quest for the secrets of the Universe. The wrong side of morality contained China through a complete set of negative morals.

It was on this ground the US strategy of containing China was based.

What is the best moral for China?

1  to feel satisfied 
2  to follow not to lead
3  to seek longevity (health)
4  selfish love (to love oneself or the blood related relatives) 

It was doubted whether the US intelligent agents have long been setting up secret spider networks to contain China in this way. If the Chinese were better contained then it needs not military expenses to defeat them. 

On top of the four major issues there is one most important leading issue: To promote the desire of eating. It is the real spider on the center of the web. A very large part of TV programs and Radio shows and newspaper articles in Hong Kong and Taiwan were about eating. When the Indians had become a country of Gurus, the Chinese had become a country of Eating. It needs not to use missile against the Chinese. They use Chicken legs to break in. Negative moral was built in a secret way. 

In an invincible war, eating was politically motivated. It is a very stealthy tactic to use. Can the flying insects see the spider web? It is interesting. 


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