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Why are nuclear weapons proliferated?

Leechard says:

Nuclear weapons were proliferated so quickly that now it seemed uncontrollable. 

Unless the US had a perfect plan to eliminate it through a perfect means, it meant a preemptive strike or complete destruction of something; otherwise it could be spread into hands of terrorists. And it is most undesirable and the future is doomed. 

One question is why. Why people needed the deadly weapon so desperately that they would prefer to eat grass to keep it. 

It was because they were living in a political atmosphere created by the US. No one is for sure of his own safety. No government is safe if someone is to start a color revolution secretly.

And they did see how politicians die tragically.   
Worried politicians had started to think of a completely deadly weapon to defend themselves. Now the North Koreans had it. 

And they had found that they have safety now. And more than anything, they had become rich instantly. 

They can sell the weapon to anyone interested. Or they can sell the technique, which is more easily to transfer. 

Can the US handle the problem?

They can if they are to have some help from China or Russia. 

However the US people were pushing the friends away by numerous secret or open actions. 

The US had started the invincible war with them. China has so much worry about Taiwan, Hong Kong, Tibet and so on.

A peaceful earth can make the US more prosperous, yet they can never realize it. They have made more enemies than friends. They have enemies only.  They have no friend.

How come? 

The US people were talented and learned. They must have come to a new insight and new resolution.   

                         *Leechard Asks*

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