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What is so funny about the invincible war ?

Leechard says:

The US has a complete set of plans to fight the invincible war. From the invincible cyber war to the demonizing propaganda and very sophisticated manipulation of psychological measures, the US is successful in many ways. 

And sometimes, it can be used on its own presidents. Just to push him a little bit. Bit by bit, and the whole atmosphere is on your hand. 

For example, Donald Trump is going to have a speech in the UN. The BBC had put the following into their headlines: " Will he coming to lecture or listen?" It is sophisticated psycho war rather than a cyber war. No matter what Donald Trump had planned his speech, the results are given in advance. 

And now the important issue is China. 

How would the US strike a heavy blow invincibly? 

No, sometimes, you need only to fold your arms and relax and watch the rich idiots pulling their luggage cases walk around. 

The story goes like this: 

The family father is eager to make money. He had made lots and lots of money. By the end when he came home, he had found his children and pretty wife not only spoiled but also completely rotten. 

The rich family will be rotten and become poor in a few generations. As the father is getting old and losing control, the sons and daughters will enjoy luxury rotten life more then ever. 

That is how things happen in China now.

When too much mind and energy are on the side of economy, the culture itself had its own way. 

Some secret force is guiding the paradigm towards an end of no return. 

People had persuaded the leaders successfully that the most important thing is economy, when simultaneously the power of culture is lost to the unknown and invincible hands. 

The rich idiots are any where in the whole world now. Their main concern is a better life but never know why should one live. 

The Hong Kong Government had paid billions (US$ 2,768,428,800) to build a "West Kowloon Culture District". Now the first result had come back. In a heated and very popular Western Rock concert recently, one youth had died in drugs and three other were in critical condition. Music is for the soul but now it had turned into drugs and uncontrollable life style.   

Government official reacted quickly saying that drugs should never be allowed. But the point is not here. The point is philosophical. Why should one live? What is the aim of life? Those are more important questions but no one bother to answer.

You can always build grand concert halls easily. But you need to have a noble soul to achieve anything.    



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