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How can China work with the US against North Korea ?

Leechard says:

The most worried part about the North Korea Issue is not when or where they will strike its nuclear arms. 

It is suicidal and they will never do so.

The most dangerous part is that they will sell the nuclear arms secretly. The noisy North Korean shows are to cover the secret ambitions only.  

If the President of US can achieve anything when he visited China, this will be the most fruitful result he can bring home. 

The aims should be to stop proliferation of nuclear arms from air, sea and land around North Korea. 

The most difficult part is the land. 

China and North Korea share a long border. No one knows exactly what is going on in the borders. 

Nuclear technical people might have travelled in and out of North Korea through the land border.

And that is dangerous to China also. It is a mutually important issue to both China and the US. 

Nuclear arms are more difficult to travel than technics carrying people. Technical data and documents are very easily smuggled out of North Korea through the borders.

Will there be secret tunnels under the borders? 
Will there be North Korean scientists working secretly somewhere in the unknown world? 

Who knows?    

How can the US work with China in this issue? 

It is approachable if they are friendly to each other and, if the Chinese people had forgotten              the invincible hands from the US. 

                         *Leechard Asks*

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