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What is mediocrity philosophy?

Leechard says:

Eating is the center of the mediocrity philosophy. 

Years ago, there was a long TV series:  "China on the tip of the tongue."

And of course, the culture of eating is far more stressed than the US. The US people can only know how to eat a simple food. It comes from   traditions of the British. British people in the Industrial Era had put more efforts in the study of the Universe than eating. Scientists just needed a sandwich and a cup of tea in the labs to work.

What can the Chinese people to expect if they are to build their foundation on the tip of the tongue?    

On one side the Government of China is to fight against the culture of "Big Eating and Big Drinking" (Da Chi Da He) but the other mediocrity philosophies are creeping in.

Mediocrity philosophy is not a simple philosophy. They are very powerful and had their roots since the early Greek culture. 

Jesus had his whole life fighting against the Pharisees. Jesus said, he desires mercy and not sacrifices. (Matthew 9:13) Deeds are more important than worship. But the Pharisee people all over the world had forgotten mercy but never forget to go to church on Sundays. That is mediocrity. They can never achieve anything. 

What is the mediocrity philosophy in Hong Kong and Taiwan? 

From the numerous lines and articles circulating around the media, we found the following:

1:  To feel satisfied. To feel thankful, every thing was given, no need to fight for anything. 
2:  To follow not to lead, mind your own business; do not care for other people. Need not care for the snows of the neighbors.
3:  To seek longevity (health)
4:  Selfish love (to love oneself or the blood related relatives) (eat more, enjoy luxuries—Chi He Wan Le)

Mediocrity philosophy is not a simple thing. It is part of an invincible war. 

It needs extra effort to study the media on such issues.   


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