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Why China has no control over the media in Hong Kong?

Leechard says:

Why China has no control over the media in Hong Kong?

Its because, the media was controlled by the secret underground party in Hong Kong, and that party, may or may not report to Beijing over different issues. They have different ideas and the ideas were not necessary a direct instruction from Beijing. On the contrary, the instructions would have been a leadership from elsewhere. 

Media is a delicate matter. Thousands and thousands of issue were raised each day. But to see the overall result is not so difficult. From the June 4 issue in 1989 to the Occupy Central issue in 2014, the media were completely not on the side of China. They were western idea promoters. 

And that is strange.  

How could the Chinese Government have allowed this?

The media in Hong Kong were major demonizers. They have created a negative image of China in the minds of Hong Kong young people. They have promoted nothing but eating drinking playing and seeking pleasure as a life style. Under the influence of such media, the Hong Kong younger generations were mostly short sighted and have no ambition to learn and seek the truth. They were encouraged to love, but the love is an emotion to self love mostly.

The late president Lee Kuan Yew had once slipped his tongue talking to western reporters. He said to rule was easy. You need only to have two teams of people….

He should have meant a secret supporting team which was in the positive side and the other team in the negative side. But it was important that the two teams of people were all under his own control. Thus he could create any thing he liked in the political field.

To observe the political movement in Hong Kong, you could see more then two groups of people. There were lots and lots of different ideas, if someone thinks that the rainbow colors were only seven, he could have been wrong. From the deep red to the light purple, numerous groups of people were secret connections of the underground party. Their ideas varied and jobs different. They  were teachers, doctors, social workers, lawyers, film directors and most of the time, religious leaders. All of them were soldiers of the underground party. They would come out in due course. During the times of the Occupy Central in 2014, they all said the same thing when interviewed by foreign reporters. They would say, that things were so bad, that they should "come out" to show their support of the issue, or else, their future children would suffer. 

And that is a very basic culture in Hong Kong. That you should join the secret underground party. It is your connection to every thing. You don't have to worry anything, the party would arrange for you. They would seek customer for a doctor, and boyfriend for an overaged woman. And of course, a good job for the right member. Every one knew about it but no one is dared to talk. Every one is a member of a secret group of something. And it is a big  organization of rainbow colors.  Some is "right" and some "left". It doesn't matter how you express your own political ideas, it is utterly not important, so long as you are obedient and would do when instructed. 

What is the point here? Isn't it the basic culture of the Chinese? They would only listen to the family elders and don't need to think twice. 

The point is , who is the family elder?  Is it Beijing?

It seems not. 

From the behavior of the Hong Kong media, you would know they were doing things against China. 

Who dare to speak out?

I only have written about some culture matters and my books were never allowed to publish and people dare not even mention  my name.  And it was totally deleted in the webs in China. They have isolated me so successful, and now they wanted to kill me in a "natural" way secretly. 

If I am dead, will Beijing know it? I wonder. 

It is not important if I am dead or not. It is interesting to think, the connections, if they were so successfully built in Hong Kong, would it have most of the political leaders in China secretly connected and China the waken dragon sleeping again? 
                         *Leechard Asks*

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