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Is there an invincible war between US and China ?

Leechard says:

Is there an invincible war? Of course there is and there was. 

Since the early days of the downfall of the Ching Dynasty, Americans knew it perfectly that to control intellectuals is to control the paradigm of China. By that time it was Hu Shi. Hu Shi was the one who insisted westernization. His idea is still very influential. When the West is the ideal of everything, the Chinese can never see the real beauty of their culture. That is why until today, the general Chinese people still think that The Dream of the Red Chamber is but a common love story and is not connected to the ancient ideal of China and it was written by Cao Xue Qin but not an unnamed writer who had hid his name to avoid persecution of the feudal rulers.

And the war is invincible. That is why seldom does anyone aware of it. 

What is it so important about the ancient wisdom of the Chinese culture? When eating and drinking was so much more interesting in the atmosphere. 

There must be a detailed plan behind the invincible web of Culture. 

In the year 2011, the Apple computer company had made a sudden decision to remove one Chinese input method software from the Chinese version of their computers. We know that to use a better input method is so important that it could influence the thinking pattern of the Chinese people. If they can type according to the original design of the Chinese characters, thoughts will be fluent and not hindered by typing. That was the design of the Dayi input method. Apple had offered the input software free of charge to every body. Why they were so much eager to delete it? Even they had paid for the Dayi company already, but still, they had deleted it. Would it be an instruction coming from an unknown source? It is always an interesting question waiting for an answer. Could it be an invincible web manipulating the Chinese paradigm? 

The second hint was from the oversea version of the People's Daily. There was a traditional Chinese character version. But the Singapore Government had written a letter to oppose the use of the traditional version. They said they could only understand the simplified version. It was from the recollection of the late president Lee Kuan Yew. And the traditional version disappeared later. ( I read it from a Hong Kong magazine years ago, it needs the People's Daily people to confirm whether they had received the letter from the Singaporeans. )

And I would consider it a part of the invincible war. If the Chinese is to be separated, what is the best way for them to have two sets of languages rather than one?

To promote eating, to promote a certain mediocrity philosophy, to send in more Western rock music and movies, and finally, to control the mindset of intellectuals, are parts of the invincible war plan. 

Politics were omitted in the influential cultures while other demonizing propaganda are spreading.   

It is a war needs not to declare and needs not to approve by the Congress. 


                         *Leechard Asks*

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