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Why can't the Chinese make more money in the business of Chinese Medicine?


Chinese culture is very much not the same as American culture. Chinese culture had been trapped into a paradigm that the Chinese themselves may not be well aware of. 

I have explained the matter in detail in my Chinese book: "Who will be rich tomorrow". However, book stores are not willing to sell that book, it is not known among the Chinese readers, though the issue is extremely important that the Chinese can get rich quickly if they can adopt themselves into a new paradigm. 

America is a nation of invention. Almost all important items were invented by the Americans. From self-drive cars to mobiles, all the inventions are now commercially salable products. 

China had their own advantage points. They are a nation of right brains. They can see things in a whole picture that the Western scholars can seldom see the same. Medicine is a good example. The Chinese Medicine can treat a patient from an angle that their Western counterparts can never think of. 

However, Chinese medicine is having a very slow progress. They had not been able to fully discover the theory of the Chinese medicine. If they can put in more effort, the Chinese medicine will be salable to the whole world. Because it is effective, and it is cheap. If the American Government can choose Chinese medicine, the Obama care will be a lot easier to manage. 

The Chinese put every thing in the frame of moral to consider. Even today, when they discover the Western method is so important, such as the ability to seek knowledge or the ability to communicate etc., they just write it down as a moral doctrine and make pupils to memorize it. 

They have not been able to discover the inner beauty of the Chinese medicine or the real nature of the Chinese medicine. Why do such and such an acupuncture point can heal such and such a disease? There is no answer always. 

The frame of morality has been the major obstruction. But they don't know it. 

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